Do you ever wonder what happens behind the scenes of your favorite T.V. show or movie? In addition to the web design and internet marketing services that we provide here at BHC, there are a number of tasks that take place behind the scenes on a regular basis to keep you up to date and secure. Web management is a constant cycle of research, updates, security and testing just to name a few. Our team works together to make sure we have every aspect covered.

Security Updates

We keep a constant check on your website for available security updates. These updates are important to the your website’s platform, it’s themes and plugins, to assure your site is protected from malware. Such vulnerabilities can infect your visitors with malware or ransomware. Should this ever happen, Google will flag your website as “malicious” and remove the link from the search results. Such a situation can be death to your online traffic and your internet marketing campaign. At BHC, we make sure this doesn’t happen!

2 Step Authentication

Cybercriminals can test billions of password combinations in a very short amount of time. Most of these attackers are located in foreign countries and use “crawlers” to find passwords that match. 2 Step Verification is an extra layer of security added to all client websites to prevent hacking. This process makes it harder for cybercriminals to breach your account even with the correct username and password. If we host your website, you can be assured we have implemented this additional layer of security on your website.

Email Spam

Webforms are a constant source for spammers to fill your inbox with unwanted and malicious emails. In 2016 we implemented the latest version of ReCaptcha to your contact forms to better assure bots are not submitting spam. ReCaptcha is the box you check to prove that you are human. It usually says “I’m not a Robot”. If you are receiving spam through your web form, it’s most likely manually entered by a real person, or you have opted out of ReCaptcha. This is also a great time to mention we always recommend not listing your web address on your website. Doing so invites spam that only your email provider can filter out. Our advice is to solely rely on a web form submission to limit unnecessary spam.

Hosting & Backups

As previously introduced, we maintain a reliable Rackspace web server and a daily backup system for the websites we host. Most web host companies can only guarantee 97% “uptime”. We are proud to mention that we had zero downtime in 2016! We hope to repeat this in 2017 and years to come.

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