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Google My Business is essential for local business owners who want to compete in their geographic market.

How Google My Business Marketing Can Help You?

Google My Business MarketingAt Big Light Digital, our Local Search Team will work hard to ensure that your Google My Business listing delivers on all fronts, including:

We’ll give your potential customers the information they want—When people search online for a local business, they’re often bombarded with results. It can be difficult to sort through them all to find the most relevant or highest quality offering. Google My Business condenses much of that information into one easy to read listing. With our optimization, your listing will quickly tell potential customers whether you’re open, how busy you are, and where you’re located—including a pin on Google maps that shows up via both traditional and navigation-based searches.

We’ll boost and even bypass traditional search rankings—Ranking highly in Google and other search engines via search engine optimization (SEO) is essential. It’s important to beat your competitors and have a higher page rank than them. But did you know that Google My Business listings can leapfrog even national brands with massive advertising budgets? That’s because they’re location-based, and listings that are both relevant and close to searchers will show up before other results. Leave it to us to take care of the “relevant” part.

We’ll create “proof” that your business is legitimate—Got a website? Good. Have social media? Great! Those help searchers feel more confident in spending their hard-earned money at your business. But if they use Google to search—and 90% of people do—they’ll also likely see your Google My Business listing, which includes customer reviews and photos. Properly utilizing these can make a huge difference in people’s initial perceptions of your business, making them much more likely to call, submit a form, or visit you in person. That’s where we come in.

With our Local Search Team on your side, you won’t have to worry about whether you’re getting the most out of this increasingly important service.

Boost Your Search Visibility and Beat The Competition!

97% of people say they learn more information about local businesses online than anywhere else. And most of that information comes from queries typed into search engines—more specifically, Google. In fact, Google holds 90% of the internet search engine market share.

Google also maintains its own directory of businesses called Google My Business. This directory includes a wealth of information about businesses:

  • business name
  • industry
  • address
  • map
  • driving direction
  • office hours
  • phone number
  • website URL
  • reviews
  • photos
  • frequently asked questions
  • and more

Google My Business is essential for local business owners who want to compete in their markets. It is not enough to just slap together a profile and call it a day. To be successful, Google My Business listings must be carefully built and frequently managed by people with experience and track records of success.

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